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Revised Penal Code of the Philippines [R.A. 4363 Sec. 3-4]

The other provisions of Republic Act 4363, approved 19, 1965 are as follows:

Sec. 2. If any section or sections of this Act shall be declared unconstitutional or invalid it shall not invalidate the other sections hereof.

Sec. 3. This Act shall take effect only if and when, within thirty days from its approval, the newspapermen in the Philippines shall organize, and elect the members of, a Philippine Press Council, a private agency of the said newspapermen, whose function shall be to promulgate a Code of Ethics for them and the Philippines press, investigate violations thereof, and censure any newspaperman or newspaper guilty of any violation of the said Code, and the fact that such Philippine Press council has been organized and its members have been duly elected in accordance herewith shall be ascertained and proclaimed by the President of the Philippines.


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