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Title of Acts Repealed by the Revised Penal Code

Title of acts repealed by the Revised Penal Code are:

1. Act No. 277. Law on Libel and threats to publish libel, etc., now provided for in Arts. 353, 362.

2. Act No. 292, amended by Act No. 1692. Law defining and penalizing the crimes of treason, insurrection, sedition, etc., now provided for in Arts. 114-116 and Arts 134-142.

3. Act No. 480. Law governing cockfighting and cockpits, now governed by Art. 199 and special laws.

4. Act No. 518, amended by Act Nos. 1121 and 2036. Law defining and penalizing highway robbery or brigandage, now covered by Arts. 306-307.

5. Act No. 519. Law on vagrancy now penalized by Art. 202.

6. Act No. 666, Secs. and 6 and 18. Law on trade-marks and trade-names now provided for in Arts. 188-189.

7. Act No. 899, Law regarding suspension on sentence, etc., upon U.S. citizens.

8. Act No. 1438, amended by Act Nos. 3203, 3309, and 3559, provisions governing juvenile offenders and delinquent children, their care and custody, now governed by Art. 80.

9. Act No. 1508, Secs. 9, 10, 11, and 12. The Chattel Mortgage Law, now penalized in Art. 319.

10. Act No. 1523. Law prohibiting importation, sale etc., of lottery tickets and lottery, now penalized in Arts. 195-196.

11. Act No. 1524. Sec. 4. Law governing discretion of Governor-General in granting conditional pardons, now covered by Art. 159.

12. Act No. 15533, Secs. 1, 2, and 6 amended by Act No. 1559. Law providing for diminution of sentences by reason of good conduct and diligence, now governed by Art. 97.

13. Act No. 1697, Secs. 3 and 4. Act for the punishment of perjury in official investigations, now provided for in Arts. 180-183.

14. Act No. 1754. Law on counterfeiting and forgery, now defined and penalized in Arts. 160-169.

15. Act No. 1775. Act penalizing crimes against legislative bodies, now provided for in Arts. 143-145.

16. Act No. 1757. Secs. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, (first clause), 11 and 12 amended by Act No. 3242. Act prohibiting gambling, now provided for in Arts. 195-199.

17. Act No. 1173. Law on the crime of adulterio, estupro, rapto, violacion, calumnia, injuria, etc., now governed by Arts. 333-346.

18. Act Nos. 2071 and 2300. Act governing slavery, involuntary servitude, peonage, and the sale or purchase of human beings, now penalized in Arts. 272-274.

19. Act No. 2212. Act providing for the confiscation and disposition of money, articles, instruments, appliances and devices in gambling, now provided for in Art. 45.

20. Act No. 293. Act penalizing willful destruction, injury, or taking or carrying away any property of the Philippine Library, now provided for in Art. 311.

21. Act No. 2364. Act penalizing infidelity in the custody of prisoners detained for or a convicted of a crime, now governed by Arts. 223-225.

22. Act No. 2381. Secs. 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 9. Act restricting the use of opium, etc., now provided for in Arts. 190-194.

23. Act No. 2549. Act prohibiting the forcing, compelling, or obliging of any laborer or other employee to purchase merchandise, commodities, or personal property under certain conditions, and the payment of wages of a laborer or employee by means of tokens or objects other than legal tender currency, now penalized by Art. 288, and also governed by Com. Act No. 303 and the Minimum Wage Law, Rep. Act No. 602, as amended by Rep. Act. No. 812.

24. Act No. 2557. Act providing for the allowance to persons convicted of preventive imprisonment, etc., now embodied in Art. 29.

25. Act No. 2595. Law fixing prescription of the crime of libel and of a civil action arising therefrom, now provided in Art. 90.

26. Act No. 2711, Secs. 102, 2670, 2671, and 2672. Act amending the Revised Administrative Code.

27. Act No. 3104 amending Acts 2726. Law governing manner in which the death penalty shall be executed, now embodied in Arts. 18-85.

28. Act No. 3586 and 3397. Law governing habitual delinquency, now provided in Art. 62, par. 5.

29. General Orders No. 58, series of 1900, Sec. 106. Code of Criminal Procedure.

30. Other laws repealed by the Revised Penal Code are Acts Nos. 2030, 2142, 2298, 2712, 3195, 3244, 3298, and 3313, which are merely amendatory laws on the old Penal Code.


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